The deal is signed, financing is good, now you just need to find a home inspector, or HI as we like to call ourselves. Hopefully, you didn’t wait until now to find an inspector. Typically you’ll only have 5 days before you have to “sign off” on any conditions, like financing or the inspection. If you have a trust with your Realtor, they’ll have your back and you can try the 3 names they give you. If your agent is professional, this shouldn’t be a problem and you should feel confident in interviewing these referrals. However, we’re seeing a change to the process. With social media blossoming, we see more and more consumers checking out HI’s thought the various media outlets. At the very least, consumers are Googling to find their inspector. However this approach is in it’s infancy because most HI’s are behind the times when it comes to media marketing. So how do you find the right HI? Do it the old fashioned way! With the internet looming around every corner it might sound strange but, ask those who have gone before you. It’s likely you know someone or they know someone who’s had a positive experience. If this fails call the inspector and ask for referrals or at least you want to see some legit testimonials.

While The Home Coach would of course like to work with you, we also would like to help you regardless of any working relationship. So here’s my point; what many clients don’t realize is, there is no regulation in Ontario. This means anyone can call themselves a home inspector. No education, no experience and they’re out there inspecting, most likely your biggest investment. So how can you know if you’re getting a professional inspection from someone qualified to do so? As a guideline, here’s what many experienced HI’s believe. To make a proficient inspector takes a formal training program and then 2 years and/or 1000 inspections. Anything less and you’ll need to hear of some history as a general contractor, or renovator. BTW, a singular trade is not really enough because there are so many systems that make up a house/building.

I hope I’ve given you some points that will help you find the right inspector for you. There are a number of good men and, I’m happy to say, women out there, and even if I’m not your man, I sincerely hope it all goes well for you.





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