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How do I set up an appointment?
You can contact us at anytime by calling us at 416-997-4296 or emailing us here.
How long does an inspection usually take?
An average of 2.5 hours for a typical 25 year old, 2500 Sq Ft, 2 storey home. Occasionally, we’ve been on site for 3.5 -4 hours. Older or larger than average homes of course take longer. We much prefer your active presence with our inspector during the process. Besides being able to show you the highs and lows of the property, you’ll be able to “see what we see”, ask questions, and learn a lot about home maintenance. (We’re actually training assistants which will get this down to 2 hours without compromising any quality).
What gets inspected?
It’s a long list. The short answer is this… “If we can see it, it gets inspected.” There are items that are outside the scope of a home inspection. Things like home security alarms, intercoms, landscape lighting, phone & cable lines. There are also things we check that many don’t, such as; appliances, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, humidifiers and central vacuums systems. In addition to the home inspection itself, we can inspect pools, hot tubs and irrigation systems. If you’d like a list of a exactly what does and doesn’t get inspected, we can send you a copy of our national association’s Standards of Practice.
What about your report?
A close second to finding a well versed home inspector is receiving a quality report. The report should identify all concerns with the property is a clear concise fashion. As a professional inspector, our duty is to not only report concerns, but to advise our client of the implication or the “why” as well as the next step. Your report will tell you
1. What &Where it is. 2. Why it’s an issue. 3. What is the next step
Because a picture really is worth a thousand words, your report includes full colour digital pictures, illustrations & diagrams that walk you through the issue visually, maintenance checklists, cost guides for repairs and improvements. And to make it really clear we start the report with a Summary that let’s you get to the bottom line, fast and easy.